Call-In Karaoke

PhonerKaraoke: The Ramones

As you all probably know, [lastfm]The Ramones[/lastfm] were a punk rock band who formed in 1974 and took the music world by storm with their edgy punk rock hits.  Even though the band went through a many […]


PhonerKaraoke “Jack’s Got What I Need”

In case you were living under a rock, [lastfm]Biz Markie[/lastfm] is an East Coast hip hop artist from the 80’s. He is best known for humorous singles like “Just a Friend” and “Pickin’ Boogers.” He has been […]


PhonerKaraoke “You’re My Best Friend”

When the band [lastfm]Queen[/lastfm] formed their was much debate on what their name would be. Two of the members had settled upon “The Grand Dance.”  In the end that name was ruled out and they became […]


PhonerKaraoke “Oingo Boingo”

[lastfm]Oingo Boingo[/lastfm] is best known for their hit song “Weird Science.” The music group started as a theatrical troupe, then year’s passed and the remaining members came together to form a band. One of Jack’s listeners […]


PhonerKaraoke “Burning Down The House”

One of the most important, influential and enduring new wave bands, [lastfm]Talking Heads [/lastfm]regularly modified their sound, bringing in elements of punk, pop, african rhythms and funk among others to add to their original jerky stripped-down art-punk stylings. Take a listen to […]


PhonerKaraoke ” Jack Steve Miller”

As you probably already know, [lastfm]Steve Miller Band[/lastfm] is an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1967. Their blues and rock and roll sound brought us the stoner hit “Joker.” Take a listen […]


PhonerKaraoke “Shoot That Poison Arrow”

Check out the silver suit’s worn by the 80’s band [lastfm]ABC[/lastfm]. Fashionable then, doesn’t mean it’s still in style. Luckily their music stands the test of time and has one special caller feeling like a […]


PhonerKaraoke “Walk Like A Jack”

The Bangles were one of the first independent all-women band. Their hit song “Walk Like An Egyptian,” had everyone at the bar walking like a werido. You may wonder, how does Jack walk? Find out […]


PhonerKaraoke: The Scorpions

[lastfm]The Scorpions[/lastfm] are a hard rock band from Hannover, Germany. The band has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Their known for some of their great singles like “Wind of Change”, “No One Like You”, “Still […]


Phonerkaraoke “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Jack”

Successfully known for their synth-pop/rock/soul music. The male female duet group [lastfm]Eurythmics[/lastfm] made their way into the music scene in 1981. They’re best known for their 1982 album and single “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).” […]