Take That, Telemarketer: Man Pranks Unwanted Caller With Police Scare

How is it that telemarketers always know the worst time to call? Dinnertime, sexy time, watching a movie, playing with the kids… doesn’t matter to these phone calling phoneys.  There must be some sort of […]


Joplin, Missouri Tornado – How To Help

The town of Joplin, Missouri has been devastated by the May 22, 2011 tornado and many lives have been lost. The devastation comes on the heels of other tornadoes and flooding this spring.  The Red […]


Call JACK And Sing – The Phoneroke Hall Of Fame

See if you can peg the crazy meter at 866.931.JACK. Why not share some of the worst best call-in karaoke voice-mails we’ve had from the past? After all, it’s not everyday we get a chance […]


[Video] Football Announcers FREAK OUT Over Blown Call

Ahh, football season. Those few months in the year that elicits some of the greatest sport-fanatics of our time. Then again, is there anything greater than sitting at a bar, chowing down on some chicken […]