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Spring Marshmallow Madness Hits New Heights With ‘Peeps Milk’

CARLINVILLE, IL (CBS) – Your favorite neon treat of spring now comes in liquid form. The Bethlehem-based company behind Peeps, the sugar-coated marshmallow candies shaped like chicks and bunnies, has joined with Prairie Farms Dairy […]


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Sweets Shops In Los Angeles That Willy Wonka Would Love

By Vanessa Payes There is no such thing as a generation gap when it comes to sweet treats. 50 years ago, Roald Dahl’s iconic children’s book, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, captivated the hearts and […]


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Unusual Snack Flavors: The Good, The Bad, & The Surprisingly Tasty!

By Caitlyn Trudnich These days, when it comes to flavor combinations, anything goes!  Shows like Frankenfood and Bizarre Foods, and the annual Orange County Fair highlight creative culinary concoctions and cultural delicacies that are anything […]


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10 Old School Chocolate Commercials For National Milk Chocolate Day

By Nadia Noir Chocolate connoisseurs might be biting into sweet concoctions that are dark chocolate only, or have Mexican spices, bacon, or wasabi peas, but when we want old-school comfort chocolate, we go straight for […]


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San Pedro Boy Says He Was Kidnapped To Get Away With Candy Theft

Does your child have a vivid imagination? First things first, squash that inclination before they turn out like the liner writers at JACK FM. Second, thank your gods, goddesses, and unaligned deities that they aren’t […]


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Easter Candy Now With Beaver Bunghole

Enjoying the sugary massacre in your mouth of chocolate bunnies, neon-colored peeps, and jelly beans that taste like sunshine and cut grass? Well, savor that flavor and swallow before you read what’s next: your candy […]