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The Best Video Game Adaptations of TV & Movies, Period

by Brian Cullen Hey. When’s the last time you played a good video game based on a movie or a TV show? Been awhile, right?? It’s true! Video game adaptations are notorious for being crappy. […]


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Springfield Is A Hell Of A Town – ‘The Simpsons’ Creator Matt Groening Reveals Official Location

[photogallerylink id=66579 align=left]It’s a question that’s been plaguing Simpsons fans for 22 years: Where in the world is Springfield, USA?! And finally, FINALLY we have an answer. Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening revealed Springfield’s location in […]


Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey Cartoon Is Hollywood’s Next Saturday Morning Movie

Face it, Hollywood, you’ve run out of original ideas. Everything you spit into our movie theaters is a remake, a rehash, or even a re-do. Not that remaking movies is necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes […]


Disney’s Patent For SEAL TEAM Six Includes Games, TV Shows, And… Snow Globes?

Seal Team Six – The Saturday Morning Cartoon. Come on Disney. We know you’re a conglomeration that thrives on the hopes and dreams of children and adults alike, but don’t you think you may have […]


Hollywood’s Revenge On Saturday Morning Cartoons

Not even our favorite Saturday morning cartoons are safe. Why can’t Hollywood come up with any original ideas? After a little research, we have discovered our precious childhood cartoons can expect a retooled, reanimated, and […]


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] Favorite Cartoon/Character Tattoos

Sometimes life feels like fiction – here are some characters who were told they needed a reality check, but instead took their ink to the comic book store. Looks good though. We kinda wished we […]