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House Cat Is Totally DGAF About Mountain Lion Outside Glass Door: #Watch

By Nadia Noir  People joke that cats are trying to take over the world, but maybe this is not laughing matter. Yesterday, we saw a video of a black bear getting spooked by a tiny […]


(Photo credit should read PATRICK PLEUL/AFP/Getty Images)

Watch A House Cat Scare A Black Bear Right Off The Porch

By Britt Bickel Whoever came up with the term ‘scaredy-cat’ for our feline pets was way off. This ordinary house cat became a hero after scaring an Alaskan black bear 10 times her size right […]


(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Cat Accidentally Hijacks An Airplane & Is Freaking Meow-t: #Watch

By Nadia Noir What happens when a kitty takes a cat nap in the wings of a tiny two-person plane? A purrfect catastrophe. Somehow, this cat found himself onboard a plane, a didn’t realize what […]



Study Says You Actually SHOULD Be Watching Cat Videos At Work

By Nadia Noir  We love pseudo-science online studies.  They validate all our vices. This study done by The Media School at Indiana University says exactly what we want our boss to hear: watching cat videos at […]


This is actually an ice cream cone but we were limited with our photo choices (Photo by Keystone//Getty Images)

Watch Cat Get Brain Freeze After Eating Ice Cream

This cat’s startled reaction to brain freeze (obviously worth it because he kept going) is Jack FM’s reaction to Monday.


(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Meet The Cat With The Loudest Purr In The World

By Britt Bickel  A 13-year-old rescue cat named Merlin officially purred its way into the Guinness Book of World Recordsthis week for having the loudest purr in the world. The cat’s owner, Tracy Westwood of […]


(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

#FurryFriday: Put A Scrunchie On Your Cat, Save A Bird

By Nadia Noir  Scrunchies are coming back into style—but not the way you think. While this trendy girl fashion faux-pas might look totally hot at a ’80s-themed costume party, apparently its also the sartorial savior […]



Watch: Crazy Cat Demonstrates What Monday Feels Like To Us

By Nadia Noir  Mama said knock you out, so we’re gonna knock you out, Monday. When the weather turns nice, getting up and going to work on Monday is the worst. Just one more beach/day […]


(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for the American Kennel Club)

Adorable Puppy Tries To Reclaim His Bed From Unimpressed Cat

It looks like battle between cats vs. dogs continues to rage on to this day. In this adorable viral video, a 10-week old French Bulldog puppy tries in vain to reclaim his bed from an unshakeable […]


(Photo by Peter MacDiarmiud//Getty Images)

Guy Pranks Girlfriend To Make Her Think Her Cat Fell Out The Window & Died

By Sarah Carroll You know what they say…payback is a b*&ch! Couple Jesse and Jeana are in the midst of quite possibly the most epic prank war. They post their hijinks on YouTube for their 6 […]