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Guy Pranks Girlfriend To Make Her Think Her Cat Fell Out The Window & Died

By Sarah Carroll You know what they say…payback is a b*&ch! Couple Jesse and Jeana are in the midst of quite possibly the most epic prank war. They post their hijinks on YouTube for their 6 […]


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Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack [VIDEO]

By Adam Bookbinder One cat in Bakersfield defies the myth that all cats are lazy and just sleep, eat and use the litter box. Surveillance video shows 4-year-old Jeremy outside innocently playing on his bike.  Then […]


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Fat, Crazy Oregon Cat Terrorizes Family, Reminds Us Of Our Wife

By Nadia Noir An Oregon family had to barricade themselves inside of a room because they were terrorized by a 22lb cat. Next on today’s most pointless but hilarious news ever! Named Lux (hopefully after […]


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Grumpy Cat The Movie: Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

She probably doesn’t like movies. If she saw a movie, she’d contemplate tearing it to shreds with her claws but that would take too much effort. And the lazy, stupid humans that make movies? All […]



Furry Friday: Cat In Shark Costume Riding Roomba Chases Duckling

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta be a freak on Friday. Let your freak flag fly and then go to happy hour weeeeee! Also, dress like a shark and ride a roomba with a complacent look on […]


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Film Your Cat, Win An Award At This Years Catdance

The film festival that honors the best of scripted cat cinema.



Stowaway Cat Makes It Through Airport Security Possibly On Undercover Mission To Disneyworld

Cats are only good for five things: communicating with alien beings through speaker systems, chasing ghosts around the house to instill fear in them, eating your food while you aren’t looking therefore keeping your diet […]



Dead Cat Is Made Into Helicopter By Creepy Artist Owner

Everyone knows that the world is either controlled by cats, dolphins, or middle-of-the-earth dwelling reptilian aliens that are slowly replenishing their power before they crawl through our toilets, expand themselves into dragon size, and eat […]



Deaf Cat “Falls” From 19 Story High-Rise, Lives [CSI: JACK FM]

We don’t consider ourselves cat people, but any cat that can plunge 19 floors, bounce 200 ft up and still live is a total BADASS. Sugar the Cat was just a white blur as she […]



Guy Plays “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” On Cat Toy Organ

Somewhere, Judy Garland is turning over in her grave. And her little dog, too.