This is actually an ice cream cone but we were limited with our photo choices (Photo by Keystone//Getty Images)

Cats Stealing Pizza Because Who Wouldn’t: Watch

By Nadia Noir  How do you like your pizza? We like it with extra meow-zerella and the kind of crust we can really sink our…claws into? Cats are hunters by nature, so they won’t hesitate […]


(Monty Fresco/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

Music For Cats is a Real Thing

What kind of music do they like? The purrrr-ty kind, of course.


(Photo by LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images)

#FurryFriday: Creepy But Cute Human-Bodied Animals Eat Holiday Dinner [Video]

By Nadia Noir For all the Christmas charm, holidays can be beastly. There’s the credit card debt, the stress of getting presents, the traffic, the crazy family dramas, and the inevitable twenty pounds you end […]


(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Hermosa Beach Only Allowing Two Cats Per Household

By Jordy Altman Betty Starr and Steve Fry are worried about their fur babies. The cat owning couple is afraid because they have four felines in their home, but soon may only have two. You […]


(Photo by Peter MacDiarmiud//Getty Images)

California Takes Most Cat Selfies In Country According To Online Cat Map

By Nadia Noir According to our imaginary calculations, the internet was made by nerds for two things only: cats and entertainment of the “adult” variety. While there is a plenitude of both, it’s still nice […]


Photo: Adam Bookbinder/93.1 Jack FM

Five Ways To Conquer A Cat’s Boredom

By Adam Bookbinder Cats.  They live the simple life. Sleep, eat, and use the littler.  Well hopefully the litter and not your bed. When it comes to sleeping, cats do it for an of 12-16 hours […]


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Top 20 Things That Happened In 1982

By Nadia Noir We’re a little more than excited for Jack FM’s Flashback Prom featuring A Flock Of Seagulls on Friday, May 9th at Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City. Their big hit “I Ran” was released […]


Photo by Peter McDiarmiud//Getty Images

Cats: Cute Killers Wrecking Havoc On All Animal Kind

Attack of the Killer Pussy! It’s either a ’50s horror flick or the current state of America. Who are we kidding? It’s probably both because according to the Nature Communications journal, your cute little purrbot […]


DJ Kitty

[Video] Who Needs DJs When You Have Cats?

There are no DJs on Jack FM because we lack the ability to reason with idiots other than ourselves.


As We Wished, The Cat Lady Finally Found Craigslist

… and the list goes on. Can you guess what all 16 kitty cats are named?