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Top 20 Things That Happened In 1982

Today’s Flasback ’80s Song of The Day in honor of JACK FM’s Flashback Prom with The Romantics and Tommy Tutone is “Open Arms” by Journey. The song came out in 1982, a pretty dull year […]


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Cats: Cute Killers Wrecking Havoc On All Animal Kind

Attack of the Killer Pussy! It’s either a ’50s horror flick or the current state of America. Who are we kidding? It’s probably both because according to the Nature Communications journal, your cute little purrbot […]


DJ Kitty

[Video] Who Needs DJs When You Have Cats?

There are no DJs on Jack FM because we lack the ability to reason with idiots other than ourselves.


As We Wished, The Cat Lady Finally Found Craigslist

… and the list goes on. Can you guess what all 16 kitty cats are named?