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U.S. Senator’s “Let It Go” Ringtone Interrupts Meeting

By Sarah Carroll What’s the most embarrassing ringtone you’ve ever heard? Has it ever gone off at the most awkward moment? Chances are, it’s not as mortifying as what went down last week at a […]


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Los Angeles Uber Driver Kidnaps Phone For $500 From Passenger Who Left Phone In Car

Oh, the irony. Uber, a service most popular because of the ability to push a button and get a car, has been making the news a lot lately. And not for good reason. After bumping […]


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Student Snaps Photo Of Sleeping Substitute, Gets Suspended

Oh, cell phone cameras. They’re all rainbows and giggles until that picture of you from Spring Break ’08 pops up on Facebook (two words: salsa and hospital). We’re guessing that the student who earned himself […]


Why Is This Man Up To His Arm In Toilet Water?

Help! My arm is stuck! Somebody, quick! Call 9-1-1! No, you can’t use my cell phone! I dropped it down here and I’m trying to get it back! Somebody please heeeelllllpppppp!! Seriously, dude? Seriously?