Press photo of the 4-inch Flexible a-Si Amoled, LGDisplaynewsroom.com

From Bricks To The Flexible Smartphone: A Brief History

On Monday, cellphone manufacturer LG announced it will start producing a smartphone with a flexible screen that will be available to the public next year, CNN reports. This new phone, as the name suggests, is […]

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(Photo: ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images)

Woman Refuses To Put Her Cellphone While At The Theater. Fellow Theatergoer Puts It Away For Her, JACK FM Style

Cellphones. Sometimes we love ‘em, and sometimes we want to smash them against the wall. Especially when you’re at the movies, or in this case, the theater, and the person next to you refuses to […]

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Call It Like It Is: People With Cell Phones Outnumber People With Access To Toilets

It can be a crappy world out there, but hey, at least we can talk about it. A recent United Nations study found that more people worldwide have access to cellphones than they do a […]

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America, Stop Dialing 911 With Your Behinds

Humanity–pissing off authority figures since the dawn of time. Though, this time around, it’s their backsides that are doing the pissing off. Thanks to the common usage of cellphone, emergency response centers are being inundated […]