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Australian Engineer Manufactures V8-Powered Chainsaw

By Jordy Altman Aussie David Burder recently issued a challenge to all Americans: “In America, they have two-man V8 chainsaws but this is the only single-man one in the world as far as I know… […]


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A Teenager Walked Into A 7-Eleven Wearing A Flower Pot On His Head And Holding A Chainsaw. And That’s Just The Beginning

By Carlos Delgado So don’t be this guy. A teenager walked into a 7-Eleven near Sydney, Australia, wearing a flower pot on his head and brandishing a chainsaw. And that’s just the beginning. The flower pot was […]

93.1 Jack FM–02/12/2014

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Man Saws Off Foot To Keep Unemployment

We’ve done some pretty crazy things to get out of work. Faked an illness, trained a monkey to push the play button, convinced our boss he was going insane… we’ve done it all . Well, […]



[JACKed Up Video] Man Hates Tickets, Cuts Down Parking Meter With Chainsaw

Like you’ve never wanted to do the same thing.


Redneck Genius Swings Chainsaw Like Lasso, Trims Hedges

Merica sure is grate, rite?