Charles Manson

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Charles Manson Soap Opera: Fiancée Wants To Keep, Display His Corpse

By Jordy Altman  At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if Charles Manson guest starred on Days of Our Lives. It’s not that far-fetched, after all the man has a “hit” musical in Germany. In […]


Charles Manson (AFP/Getty)

Charles Manson Monkees Audition Urban Myth Debunked By Mickey Dolenz

The moral of the story is: be careful what you say on the radio; people will repeat what you say, as gospel, for decades to come.


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The One and Only Charles Manson Musical Opens in Germany

By Jordy Altman Anybody have extra tickets to “Charles Manson: Summer of Hate — The Musical?” Just kidding, the show’s been sold out for weeks. German audiences flocked to the Thalia Theatre last friday to […]


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Not Fade Away: Guns N’ Roses Covers Album “The Spaghetti Incident?” Turns 20 and is Totally Not Bad

The hubbub came mainly from the album’s “hidden track,” where Axl Rose performed an acoustic version of Charles Manson’s “Look At Your Game, Girl.” Rose wasn’t shy about his love for Manson, rocking shirts with the singers’ face during the Use Your Illusion tour. The song…well, there’s a reason it’s hidden: It doesn’t add to the album, and feels tacked on solely to gain attention.



Dozen Unsolved Murders From 4 Decades Ago Might Be Related To Charles Manson & His Family

Just in time for a grand ole Halloweenie spook sesh and maybe some untimely retribution, the Los Angeles Police Department has announced that a dozen unsolved murders from a little over 40 years ago may […]