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Lolla Founder Perry Farrell Goes Off-Site For Jane’s Addiction After-Party

Perry Farrell’s aura seems to be present in every aspect of Lollapalooza. But this year the Lollapalooza founder opted to go offsite to make an appearance in the flesh for an intimate after-party with Jane’s Addiction.



Chicago & Doobie Brothers Prep Summer Tour

Two of the 1970s most popular bands, Chicago and the Doobie Brothers, will partner for their annual summer tour of amphitheatres beginning July 11. The 21-date summer tour will kick off at the Anselmo Valencia […]


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Piranha Bites Off 18-Month-Old Girl’s Fingertip

Here little fishy fish…follow my finger! While piranhas, aka caribes are known for their vicious, omnivorous appetite and razor-sharp teeth, it boggles Jack FM’s mind that one would think to stick their flesh near a […]


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New Releases: Rush, Jimmy Fallon, Bobby Womack

Let’s take a look at this week’s albums, reissues and other musical goodies from classic artists making musical waves yet again.


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Summer Concert Tour Guide

Summer‘s here, which means the time is right for dancing in the seats (or on the lawn, if you’re on a tight budget.) As the temperature rises, rock, pop and country tours tend to leave […]


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Oceans 11 Jewel Heist In Chicago Is As Real As They Get

The fellas of the modern-day Rat Pack made it look easy in the Oceans’ series, but who would have thought these schemes could be pulled off in real life. This is what Jack likes to […]


Chicago Has A New Album In The Works

There was a time when rock-and-roll was merely a¬†garage endeavor. Four guys with drums, bass, guitar, and maybe keys- if they were lucky. There were vocals, harmonies, choruses and verses. Every once in a while […]