File photo of a bucket of KFC chicken. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Police: $3,000 Worth Of Chicken Stolen From KFC

TOLEDO, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Toledo police say someone stole hundreds of buckets worth of chicken from a KFC. According to WNWO-TV, the police report states the value of the chicken was $3,000. The incident […]


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Songs About Meat For Your Memorial Day Sausage Fest

By Nadia Noir Put the beers in a cooler. Fire up those barbecues. And make sure you have the fire department on speed dial. It’s Memorial Day weekend and America’s favorite way of remembering is […]


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This Now Exists: Chicken Diapers For Your Oh So Messy Chicken

There was a void in the world, but Julie Baker stepped up and filled the need: she invented diapers. “But diapers already exist,” we hear you say. Yes they do, but chicken diapers didn’t exist. […]

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Model Claims Eating Chicken Makes Kids Gay

What came first, the chicken or the completely convoluted theory on human sexuality based on chicken consumption? For Columbian model, Natalia Paris, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter to the famous Columbian is that, […]