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Interactive Map Of Los Angeles Favorite Dogs & Dog Names By Area

By Nadia Noir Everywhere we look, Los Angeles has gone to the dogs. It’s now legal to brunch out with your pooch in an open-air dining situation and, just a few weeks ago, the internet […]


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Air Chihuahua Flies 500th Passenger To Houston

LOS ANGELES ( — Twenty Chihuahuas are headed to Houston Tuesday from Los Angeles, including Bubbles, the 500th pup to be flown to his new home as part of the Air Chihuahua program. The Society for […]


(April 30, 2012) Man pumps fist in the air with totally normal sized hat. OMAR TORRES / AFP / Getty Images

Five Ways To Utilize A Sombrero For Cinco De Mayo

Never underestimate the power of the sombrero. Aside from May 5th being a time for celebration and massive amounts of alcohol consumption, it is the month of loyalty as well. An item such as the […]