(Photo by OSCAR RIVERA/AFP/Getty Images)

Is Your Child Reincarnated? Put Them On This Weird Reality Show.

Last year, we remember watching a show called Psychic Kids on A&E and tripping out. We must not have been the only ones because a L.A.-based production company is looking to cash in on creepy […]


Kid Toilet

[JACKed Up Video] Kid Takes Bath In Toilet

We found a home movie of Dr. Cranfill as a baby.


[JACKed Up News] And In Other News, Applebee’s Gets A Baby Drunk

Under the pretense that a restaurant ridden with tandem bicycles and select highlights from the 1996 Crockett Rockets football season, Mom, Dad, and little Dominic enjoyed their Applebee’s appetizer platter with smiles on their faces. […]