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Another Reason Chipotle Is Awesome: Chipotle Employees Now Receive Tuition & Paid Vacations

By Nadia Noir A happy sofritas scooper is a good sofritas scooper and Chipotle’s corporate ethics explain why Chipotle always tastes so bomb. According to, Chipotle announced that effective July 1st, all employees (not just […]


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Chipotle Releases Guacamole Recipe: Get it Here!

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, Chipotle has released the recipe for their oh-so-popular Guacamole! They released the info on their website, and now we can all enjoy eating the incredibly delicious treat in […]


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Chipotle Now Delivers To The Desperate…For A Price

By Nadia Noir  Craving some Chipotle guac but can’t leave your desk? The popular MexiCali chain has an app for that. Chipotle has teamed up with an app called Postmates. It’s already been delivery on the […]



A Guide To Chipotle’s Unofficial Secret Menu

Not listed on the menu of burritos, tacos, and bowls are next level variations that will make your next trip to the Chip’ not only delicious, but dare we say it, maybe a bit adventurous.


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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Chipotle

Find out the most interesting facts you didn’t know about this fast-food giant.


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Oh yeah! It’s Free Burrito Time at Chipotle!

Want a free burrito from Chipotle? Cool, no probs. Here’s how you can get one. To celebrate their vegan Sofritas option, if you buy a taco or burrito with Sofritas in it TODAY, you can […]


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Chipotle Stops Selling Carnitas At A Third Of Locations

Feeling like some carnitas from Chipotle for lunch today?  Well you may have to think twice. A third of Chipotle restaurants have stopped serving pork due to the company cutting ties with one of their […]


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Get Free Chipotle–With A Catch That Morrissey Would Approve Of

By Nadia Noir Everyone loves a foodie freebie, but this one from popular Mexican food chain, Chipotle, has a catch that the veggie-based eaters in your life will approve of. In an effort to get […]


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$3 Chipotle Salads, Bowls, & Booritos On Halloween

By Nadia Noir We’d do some creepy things for Chipotle guacamole and have been known to massacre one of their burritos faster than a zombie would eat your brains. Which is why we’re so excited […]


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Couple Had Sex On Top Of Chipotle Restaurant In Delaware

By Steve Beck NEWARK, Del. (CBS) — A couple was arrested after police say they had sex on the roof of a restaurant in Delaware. The bizarre incident happened at about 9:40 p.m. Saturday at […]