Cinco de Mayo

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Seis De Mayo: Top 10 Ways To Get Over Your Cinco De Mayo Hangover

As long as you are drinking in relative moderation, drinking can be a fun way to loosen up and bond with your fellow man. Unfortunately, sometimes this liquid bonding can lead to excess–which leads to […]


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Mariachi Covers Of JACK FM Artists In Honor Of Cinco De Mayo

There is nothing like a good cover band. We all have jammed out, PBR in hand, rocking out to our favorite songs, closing our eyes pretending we were in fact seeing the real thing live […]


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Best Bars To Drink At For Cinco De Mayo

Because L.A. has such a diverse population, Cinco de Mayo will officially be honored throughout the city. If you’re still looking for a place to celebrate May’s most favorite holiday, these bars will definitely do […]


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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2015 With These Freebies & Deals

By Adam Bookbinder  Cinco de Mayo is a day to commemorate when the Mexican army won over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The day is celebrated mostly in the […]


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What You’re Drinking – Special Cinco De Mayo Cocktails

This year, restaurants and bars across Los Angeles are pulling out all the stops for Cinco De Mayo. With inventive drinks from top mixologists, Cinco De Mayo will be anything but boring. Below are our […]



Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints For Cinco De Mayo Weekend

By Nadia Noir It might be Cinco De Drinko, but don’t have one too many Patron shots and think its OK to get on the road. Have an amigo be a designated driver or better […]


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Things To Do in Orange County This Week (May 2-May 8)

BINGE: SABROSO CRAFT BEER & TACO FESTIVAL AT IRVINE LAKE From the same guys responsible for the summer staple in the OC known as the Brew Ha-Ha, the troupe dedicated to all things beer gets […]


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Things To Do in Los Angeles This Week (May 1-May 8)

There’s never a dull moment in the City of Angels. On almost any given day, Los Angeles’ residents are blessed with an endless stream of awesome things to see and do. As summer approaches, the […]


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LA’s Best Cantinas For Cinco De Mayo

Fill your shot glass, sprinkle a little salt and hold your limes steady because it is Cinco de Mayo, which means tequila for everyone! On May 5, all across America we embrace the pride, people […]


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Five Ways To Utilize A Sombrero For Cinco De Mayo

Never underestimate the power of the sombrero. Aside from May 5th being a time for celebration and massive amounts of alcohol consumption, it is the month of loyalty as well. An item such as the […]