Coachella 2013

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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Jealous Of Your Friends At Coachella

It seems like the new favorite thing for people not going to Coachella is to whine about all the reasons why Coachella is gross. We could defend the drugged-out desert dancefest that features musical favorites […]



Coachella Set Times Announced

Alright folks, Coachella set times have now been posted! Time to start planning your day around this schedule. SET TIMES Get SATURDAY & SUNDAY set times at KROQ.COM!


Photo by Dave Etheridge Barnes//Getty Images

Who Are The Stones Roses? JACK FM Educates You Sort Of

This morning, we woke up and texted our friend (yes, JACK FM has friends), “I hate everyone who doesn’t know who the Stones Roses are. That’s a reasonable hatred, right?” OK, so that’s no reasonable, […]