Collective Soul

Photo by Kelly A. Swift

The 9.31 Best Things That Happened at JACK’s 9th Show

Well here we are, hungover and trying to keep the glare of the computer from melting our eye balls to the floor as we reflect on another JACK show in the books. This year was […]


Photo by Kelly A. Swift

Jack’s 9th Show: Collective Soul [PHOTOS]

Collective Soul at Jack’s 9th Show.



Jack’s 9th Show Artist Spotlight: Collective Soul

Grunge-era guitar rockers, Collective Soul, brought a shine to their catchy alt-rock sounds with their first hit single, “Shine.” The Southern boys managed to evade the fate of many bands of that era–being a one-hit […]


Steve Miller Band Rock N Me

Steve Miller Band – “Rock N Me”

Tami- Umm… Probably 80’s rock n roll bank. Please tell me soon…  SO very grateful. 7:55 am? 99 baloons played right after! The lyrics I remember are “rock and roll.” I was/am wearing gray capri’s and black baby TeeShirt!!!! Yvonne


Collective Soul Shine

Collective Soul – “Shine”

Tami- Male; please help me figure out what song was played at this time….. I kissed a really nice person for the first time at this time…. and this song was playing…:) It played at 11:13p.m. […]


Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “no good with lyrics”

Listening to the LA station. I live in Victorville. It was december 17th. I think the song that came before was aerosmith (walk this way?). Sorry, I’m no good with lyrics. Thanks for answering my […]


What’s That Song

You know you’ve heard that song but can’t remember who sung it! Every week or so .. JACK FM will refresh your memory. Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing Click MORE.