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Collective Soul


Jack’s 9th Show Artist Spotlight: Collective Soul

Grunge-era guitar rockers, Collective Soul, brought a shine to their catchy alt-rock sounds with their first hit single, “Shine.” The Southern boys managed to evade the fate of many bands of that era–being a one-hit […]


Steve Miller Band Rock N Me

Steve Miller Band – “Rock N Me”

Tami- Umm… Probably 80’s rock n roll bank. Please tell me soon…  SO very grateful. 7:55 am? 99 baloons played right after! The lyrics I remember are “rock and roll.” I was/am wearing gray capri’s and black baby TeeShirt!!!! Yvonne


Collective Soul Shine

Collective Soul – “Shine”

Tami- Male; please help me figure out what song was played at this time….. I kissed a really nice person for the first time at this time…. and this song was playing…:) It played at 11:13p.m. […]


Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “no good with lyrics”

Listening to the LA station. I live in Victorville. It was december 17th. I think the song that came before was aerosmith (walk this way?). Sorry, I’m no good with lyrics. Thanks for answering my […]


What’s That Song

You know you’ve heard that song but can’t remember who sung it! Every week or so .. JACK FM will refresh your memory. Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing Click MORE.



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