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(Photo by Daniel Munoz/Getty Images)

Jack FM Is Commercial Free For New Year’s Eve

Holiday bling have you singing the blues?   JACK FM is commercial free from 7pm to 2am on New Year’s Eve.         


Image Credit: MSJ

Commercial Free For Christmas Eve, Only On Jack FM

Turn down the lights, baby. We got you a present… That’s right. Thanks to Mercedes Benz of Laguna Niguel, enjoy Jack FM completely devoid of commercials starting at 6pm tonight. Then it’s no ads, all […]


Topher Grace Takes Over JACK FM at 5pm

Thaaaaaat’s right. Venom himselves is taking over JACK FM at 5pm today to promote his new movie, Take Me Home Tonight, in theatres tomorrow (3-04). What’s Topher Grace gonna play you ask? Well, have you SEEN […]