(Photo by Robyn Beck//Getty Images)

Police Investigating Photo Of Cop Wearing Unicorn Mask, Posing With Porn Star:

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Police are investigating after a photo surfaced of one of their officers wearing a unicorn mask, and posing with an exotic dancer/adult film star. The photo was posted on Twitter after […]


POV Of Brazilian Squad Car Ramming Into Criminal’s Airplane

Sometimes, the best action films are shot on a cell phone. In Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, a set of criminals attempted to get away with $115,000 worth of smuggled goods by jumping into their plane and taking off. […]


Robocop Statue Hits $50,000 Goal AND COUNTING

Remember when JACK FM was the first radio-station-website-blog-entity to tell you about the Detroit Robocop Statue viral phenomenon? Guess what…..


[Video] No One Sees You Like Your Dog

Is there anything worse than getting pulled over by the cops? Probably, but we can’t think of one. Just this morning we got pulled over for driving with two guns and a six-pack. Luckily, we […]