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Santa Ana Cops Raid Pot Shop, Eat Edibles & Play Darts: #Watch

By Nadia Noir  What a buncha dopes. A Santa Ana marijuana collective, Sky High Holistic Collective, was raided on May 26 by local cops. According to the collective’s lawyer, Matthew Pappas, the cops were on their […]


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Police Corral Stray Pig In Shelby Township; Porky Perp Leaves Patrol Car A Mess

SHELBY TWP. (WWJ) – Police in Shelby Township have had all kinds of suspects in their patrol cars — but this is a first: A pig. “You would never believe it,” Deputy Chief Mark Coil […]


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The Best Turkey Attacks Caught On Tape!

From the Jack FM archives, we present to you…TURKEY ATTACKS CAUGHT ON TAPE! Doesn’t everyone just wish that their turkey was as cool as “Gobbles the trick performing turkey?” Well, unfortunately, turkeys hate us for […]


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Police Recognize Robbery Suspect When He Beats Them In Donut Eating Contest

By Jordy Altman Looks like this criminal bit off more than he could chew… U2 – Sweetest Thing One felon just couldn’t get enough. Bradley Hardison, a 24-year-old man from Elizabeth City, North Carolina had […]


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Local Reserve Cop Talks About Running Over Bicyclists In Video

By Nadia Noir In an area with tons of traffic and pollution, biking in Southern California seems like the smart solution. But with barely any bike lanes and drivers completely oblivious of bikers (or totally […]


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Judge Orders Cops To Give Man Back His Weed

Don’t bogart that joint, man. That’s essentially what Washington Judge Jack Emery told Police in Tacoma Thursday, according to the Huffington Post. Actually, Emery ordered the return of the marijuana that was seized by police […]

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Dude Provokes Police Officers With Shake Weight Prank

Driving through the shadier parts of sunny Los Angeles, we’ve done some dirty things. Hell, even driving through the nice areas there’s been some naughty things going on (cue George Michael). Roman Atwood took that […]


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Dude Sticks It To Man By Paying Traffic Ticket With 137 Origami Pigs In Donut Boxes

A law-abiding citizen with a filthy sense of humor (money is really dirty, you don’t know who touched it, don’t put it near your face, or use it for other…places) used his hidden talent–the ancient […]



Kindergarten Girl Handcuffed By Police After Tantrum

Mood swings and tantrums. We’re familiar with them (we do see Dr. Cranfill every day, after all). But this particular kindergartener may think twice next time she wants to throw a tantrum. Or shelves, or […]



Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

“Nothing really matters… to me…” Oh, that’s right. Miranda Rights don’t apply when you’re part of the Brotherhood of Men on the Planet Earth! At least, that’s the reasoning one drunken Canadian tried to use […]