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Facebook Copyright Hoax Appearing In Newsfeeds

By Edward Cardenas SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – Facebook users who are posting privacy notices on their walls are falling for a hoax, according to reports. The post, which includes the phrasing: “I do not give […]



Why Video of President Obama’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Cover Got Pulled

President Obama famously sang a few lines of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at a January fundraising event – a cover heard ’round the world, thanks to the power of YouTube. However, music rights management company BMG isn’t exactly pleased with the viral footage of Obama’s “Let’s Stay Together,” a song they own.


Rare Jimi Hendrix Deep Cut Amid Rights Debate

Part of the inherent fun of music lies in the debates. There are never any rights or wrongs when it comes to taste (unless you’re listening to The Dixie Chicks. STOP IT ALREADY YOU’RE WRONG). […]