Best MILFs in Movie History… For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Know what that means? Before May 8th, we need to barricade our studio and reinforce the building with extra security. Mother’s Day after Mother’s Day, something happens to […]


Cougar 101

Cougars!  What would we do without these wonderful specimens?  I personally wouldn’t know the ways of a woman without the Cougars I’ve come across in my travels.  Cougars show us boys how to be wise and experienced […]


JACK’S Cougar Madness: Round 1: Push Up Panthers

You’re viewing the Push Up Panthers Bracket. Each cougar is paired up. You decide who moves to the next round. Voting for Round 1 ends Wednesday, March 17th at 5PM.And don’t forget to visit the other Brackets: […]


#3 : Cub Rustlers : Sherisse vs. Rosa

   Name: Sherisse  Birthday: 01/04/1973  Tell JACK FM why you should be the winner of JACK’S Cougar Madness? 


JACK FM Cougar Hall of Fame

As you have probably already seen, JACK’S Cougar Madness is already underway. (Good luck ladies.) But there may be some of you out there, not familiar with the term Cougar when used in this lexicon.