Courtney Love

Francis Bean Moves In With Marianne Faithfull

Francis Bean Cobain is all grown up now – at 18, she’s even putting on her own art exhibits – but considering that her mother is the walking trainwreck [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm], Francis Bean could probably […]


Courtney Love’s Twitter Tirade Pleading To Daughter Frances Bean

We love to hate the words that flow out of alt-rock queen, [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm]‘s mouth like uncontrollable verbal diarrhea. The woman is a walking quote machine offering her own brand of insightful idioms like “Cocaine […]


Courtney Love Settles Lawsuit Over Nirvana’s Song Rights

More money, more problems has always been an issue  for [lastfm]Hole[/lastfm] frontwoman/Kurt Cobain’s widowed wife, [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm]. Whether she was blowing her cash on drug binges (or worrying about her daughter blowing her trust fund on drugs) or […]


Courtney Love Sounds Normal For a Change… But Why?

[lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm] must have laid off the good stuff and taken her meds, because—for the first time in a long while, she actually makes a logical and sound argument. Her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, however, […]


Guess Who? Photos of a Sexy, Boiled Chicken in Soho

Doesn’t this little girl look all sweet and innocent? Little did she know she would grow up to a drug-addled crazie as addicted to plastic surgery as yellow powder. For a while there, she was […]


Director Speaks About Kurt Cobain Biopic, Sans Casting Drama

It was 16 years ago that [lastfm]Kurt Cobain[/lastfm] took his life, but his music and influence live on, most recently demonstrated in the pre-production work of a film about the musician’s life. And while so […]


Frances Bean Cobain Holds Debut Artshow: “Scumf–k”

Francis Bean Cobain gives us a look into her young psyche with a series of slightly disturbing notebook sketches that compose her current art show titled “Scum-fuk.” The 17-year-old daughter of [lastfm]Courtney Love [/lastfm]and the […]


Courtney Love Melts Down In D.C.

We didn’t think it was possible, but did [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm] hit a brand new low this week at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.? We’ve got details of the three-hour trainwreck after the jump.


Video: The Wisdom of Courtney Love

What’s there left to say about [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm] that someone hasn’t already said? She’s a drug-addicted crazy (not to be confused with a crazy drug addict) who, regretful as it is for us rock fans, […]


Courtney Michelle Narrows Down Actors To Portray Kurt Cobain

Courtney Michelle aka [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm], has been really hitting the media circuit pretty hard lately to promote her new album.  Lucky for us she barely has time to talk about her music because she’s so […]