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Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’

The song is one Miley used to do on tour, specifically during her Gypsy Heart tour over two years ago. But Miley admitted that she was a little rusty, even taking out her phone for a refresher.


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Classy Covers- Tharr She Blows!

Did you know that Vanilla Ice quit the rap game and began singing Indie Rock in Silver Lake? We didn’t either… until we realized that crazy homeless man with glasses was actually the ninja-rapper himself. […]


Best Cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” Ever

It’s Friday. We’re ready for the weekend. We’re gonna post some very amusing video clips throughout the day. Here’s the first (and best) of our Friday Roundup. TGIF! HELL YEAH! Two words – Old People. […]


Who Did it Better? Smokin’ in the Boys Room

Smokin’ in the Boys Room. Brownsville Station did it first. Then Motley Crue hair rocked it out. Question is, Who Did it Better? Listen to em both and then vote..


Who Did it Better? I Would Die 4U

This weeks battle of the song, Who Did it Better, pits the magnanimous PRINCE against local hard-core punk band gone mariachi, the BRONX. Listen to both versions and vote on Who Did it Better….


Who Did It Better? Viva Las Vegas!!

Oooohh…cover songs.. Time to decide WHO DID IT BETTER? And we will. This week, it’s Elvis vs the Dead Kennedy’s with Viva Las Vegas. Check em both out, then vote on Who Did It Better?


Who Did it Better? Ike and Tina vs CCR

Here we are with another installment of Who Did it Better? This week you decide, who did Proud Mary¬†better? Ike and Tina Turner or Creedence Clearwater Revival. Check em both out then vote…