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Take It Back, Jack: Artists Rediscover Their Roots, Cover Their Musical Icons

When one rock music icon covers another rock icon’s music, it’s considered a tribute. But what happens when the tribute is better than the original? It’s a great debate that has gone on for decades. […]


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Classy Covers: You Got It, Dude

Another round of classy covers? Deal with it. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel this week. Everybody loves ELO, but hate all-male college a capella choirs. What happens when they join forces?



Kick-Ass Halloween Heavy Metal Cover

See if you can name each Halloween theme as they’re shredded on the electric guitar.


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[Classy Covers] Getting Yer Groove On

Another round of classy covers? Can we get a “Hell yes?” This week’s edition bring the goods. That’s feelin’ in your legs isn’t an allergic reaction to your expired Lunchable, oh no. We got tunes […]


Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover Beach Boy’s “I Get Around”

Is that Anthony Kiedis performing a Brian Wilson original? Must gossip: Red Hot Chili Peppers are the new Beach Boys.


Random Celebrities Collaborate On Norwegian “Let It Be” Music Video

Confused by this image? Well, it’s hard to draw the majesty of the¬†greatest Beatles cover of all time. In a rousing “We Are The World” style music collage, washed up actors, musicians, hypnotists, and even […]


First Conan Sang “I Will Survive” Next Radiohead

[lastfm]Conan O’Brien[/lastfm]’s been proving his musical talent or lack thereof lately.¬† First it was on his farewell show on the Tonight Show, then it was “I Will Survive” by [lastfm]Gloria Gaynor[/lastfm] on the kickoff date […]