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Austin Dillon Somehow Survives Insane Crash At NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: #Watch

By Nadia Noir It got nasty on the tracks last night, NASCAR fans. Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Nascar Sprint Cup Series Coke Zero 400 race, but Austin Dillon was the unintentional star after he made […]


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Don’t Be This Guy: Man Run Over By His Own Truck, Then Gets A Ticket

So there are bad days, and then there are bad days. Then there are really bad days. Then there’s the kind of day this guy had. All Brian Reynolds of Salem, Massachusetts, wanted to do […]


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Turbo-Charged FAIL: Fast Cars Driven By Stupid People

Why is it that when a really nice car gets in a really stupid accident we can’t help but laugh? Oh, that’s why.


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NASA Warns Of Falling Satellite, Doesn’t Know Where It Will Land

What gives NASA the right to play Battleship with the USA? “Uh yeah… we’re pretty sure the UARS satellite will fall in California… or possibly in Nebraska. Maybe. What we can assure you is that […]


Motorcycles Goes From CRASH To Coreographed Ballet

We were gonna make a joke about dancing hogs, but Kirstie Alley’s been through enough as is.


Best Motorcycle FAILS

“What not to do with your 2011 Harley Davidson Fatboy.” When it comes to crashes, falls and spin-outs, JACK FM knows only the best motorcycle fails make it onto the internet. Here are some our […]


Is Ozzy Working On New Episodes Of The Osbournes?

Remember a time when we could turn on a television and, rather than be overrun with thousands of psuedo-famous families trying to seize our attention with stupid stunts, there were only The Osbournes? Those simple […]