creepy craigslist

Image Credit: P. Higginbotham

Creepy Craigslist: Batmobile for only $1 Million

Creepy? More like AWESOME. We’ve always envied Batman and that badass car of his. And now thanks to Craigslist, we’re that much closer to being him! Presenting, the Batmobile…van.


Image Credit: P. Higginbotham

Creepy Craigslist: Rental Comes With Half-Dead Pets

We were cruisin’ Craigslist today looking at places to rent, and came across a house we absolutely HAVE to buy. But that was before we saw the fine print. We thought the deal was too […]


Creepy Craigslist

Creepy Craigslist: Lightly Used Time Machine For Sale

We’re used to some creepy stuff on Craigslist, but this gem really caught our eye. It’s not creepy… it’s just plain awesome. A “lightly” used time machine.


Creepy Craigslist

Cheap Mattress And Grandma’s Ghost For Sale By Owner

One man’s treasure is another man’s junk… wait, that’s how it goes, right? We were bored at work, sick and tired of trying to fall asleep underneath the soundboard. So we decided to browse Craigslist today, […]