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Dr. Cranfill Presents: Horrorscopes!!!

Finally Dr. Cranfill got off his increasingly lazy duff and wrote some new horrorscopes for you people. The least you can do is feign interest. Also, he has your power songs for the week.


Dr. Cranfill Presents: HORROR-SCOPES!!!

Photo Credit/P.Higgy It’s a new week and you people need guidance. Come and get it in the latest installment of Dr. Cranfill Presents: Horror-scopes!!!!


Horror-scopes!! August 28- Sept. 5th

We are now in the time of VIRGO, the virgin. All POWER SONGS this week are from JACK Show alumni. See what Dr. Cranfill foresees for your sign in this weeks HORRORSCOPES….


Horrorscopes August 3rd-11th

We are smack dab in the middle of the time of LEO. What awaits you Leo’s and the rest of the zodiac circle? Only Dr. Cranfill knows. Lucky for us, he reveals all in this […]


Horror-scopes!! June 11-21

Here we are approaching the end of the Gemini cycle…what does the future hold? Only Dr. Cranfill¬†knows in this weeks installment of HORROR-SCOPES..


Horror-scopes June 2nd-10th

Horror-scopes time!!! It’s the time of the twins, you Gemini’s. What, pray tell, is in your future? Only one way to know and that’s to check out this weeks horror-scopes, courtesy of Dr. Cranfill….