TED ALJIBE / AFP / Getty Images

Ohio Deputy Forces Jail Inmates To Dance To Usher

It’s not everyday that you have to do the worm, in order to receive basic humane privileges. A 35 year-old deputy at Summit county Jail ordered five jail inmates to dance in order to use […]



5 Things Manly Men Should Consider Avoiding During Muscle Madness

Many manly men like you dream that they will be crowned the winner in Jack’s Muscle Madness. They’re filling their days with exercises, diets, and complimenting their muscles. Still, despite spending each day shaving that […]


Graffiti Rock

Graffiti Rock: Soul Train In The 80’s, More Neon Less Rhythm

Hip-Hopper Michael Holman, err’body! “Well Party People in the place to be, You just turned in to a crazy number one fresh show We call Graffiti Rock!



Is This The Best 404 Error Page On The Internet?

We’re not sure what we’re looking at… hell, we’re not even sure how we managed to end up in this crazy part of the world-wide web… but we’re here and we’re for damn sure not […]


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Meet Obsessed Fan Kanyeresa West, The Smitten Singer With A “Kanye West” Butt Tattoo

That’ll win him over, for sure. Trust us when we say we’re not a Love Doctor. Not that we haven’t tried – we spent three hard and long years studying at UCLA, pulling all-nighters to […]


Stupid Youtube Animals

This Week In Stupid Animal Internet Videos

The internet is a beautiful and wonderful institution. So let’s use it upload videos of ours pets doing cute things!


Little Brother Dance Video

[JACKed Up Video] Little Brother Sneaks Into Big Sister’s Dance Audition

These are the defining moments of every little brother’s life.


Pole Vault Fail

Pole Vault? More Like Pole Break! Awww Snap! [VIDEO]

Or maybe he’s just a really bad pole dancer?


Fat Baby

Jack’s WTF Moment Of The Day: Fat Baby In A Music Video

What is this… we don’t even…


Football Planking

NFL Lockout Could Mean Planking Replaces Super Bowl Shuffle

This planking business is getting out of hand. “After the Winnipeg Blue Bombers make an interception and run it back for a touchdown, they celebrate by Planking.”