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Binder App Will Dump Your Significant Other For You

By Sarah Carroll Too lazy or too chicken to break up with your significant other? Thanks to modern technology, there’s an app for that. Ugh…we WISH we were kidding! Binder (rhymes with Tinder, go figure) will break […]


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#KidsTheseDays: Girls On Tinder Convincing Dudes To Send Them Free Pizza

By Nadia Noir Times are tough for hungry young women who are constantly keeping young men thirsty for their lovin’. And while hot ladies are as covet-worthy as pizza (everyone wants a slice of that!), […]


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Psychologist Confirms IKEA Shopping Can Ruin Your Relationship

By Sarah Carroll Does it really come as a surprise that going to IKEA can be hazardous to a happy relationship? It’s overwhelming! You practically cover a half marathon winding your way through the maze, […]


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How Expensive Is The Average Date In Los Angeles?

By Nadia Noir As if it wasn’t hard enough to live in Los Angeles, drive in Los Angeles, or even get a date in Los Angeles, dating site Zoosk just released a report saying that […]


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Man Caught With 17 Girlfriends After They All Come To Visit Him At The Hospital

By Sarah Carroll Here’s a friendly PSA for all you people looking to cheat on your significant other…First off, DON’T! That’s just rude. But if you do, maybe keep it down to just 1 side […]


(Photo by Chris Hondros//Getty Images) Has Partnered With Starbucks To Simplify Dating

By Jordy Altman Asking your crush to grab a cup of coffee with you is so last year. If you’ve ever wanted to casually ask somebody out on a date, ye olde local coffee shop […]


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Los Angeles Ranks As One Of America’s Kinkiest Cities

By Nadia Noir  Rent might blow; traffic might suck. But Los Angeles is one of the top American cities for being naughty. According to‘s Kinky University [NSFW link, so be careful], Los Angeles is number […]


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Dating Site Tells Us Where The Hottest Singles Live In Los Angeles

By Nadia Noir If you’re single and ready to mingle, you should probably put down that pizzookie that you just got all over the duvet cover and leave your house. Stop swiping left and right; […]


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Single In Los Angeles? So Is 56 Percent Of The Population.

By Nadia Noir Single? You might be alone, but you’re not alone. A Bloomberg study (via Citylab) says statistics indicate that over half of Americans over the age of 16-years-old are single. No matter what […]


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Researchers Say They’ve Figured Out Which Dance Moves Attract Women

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Single men heading to the bars this weekend might want to take note of this new study. Researchers in Germany and the U.K. say they have pinpointed the types of dance moves […]