Debbie Gibson

Ames / JPL-Caltech / NASA via Getty Images

It’s Theee Eeend of the World as We Know It

Like it or not, the world is ending.  Are you prepared? Well, we know you all too well, so the brain-trust at Jack FM has your back. We’ve compiled a list of the ten essential […]


Debbie Gibson & Tiffany Get Down & Dirty For “Mega Python Vs. Gateroid”

Earlier this summer, Cranfill introduced you to the magic that is Mega Python Vs. Gateroid.¬† However, I will now one up him by posting the sneak peak clip of former ’80s teen queens [lastfm]Debbie Gibson[/lastfm] […]


Debbie Gibson VS. Tiffany….a Sci-Fi Exclusive

So it looks like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany will be renewing¬†their long dormant rivalry. But not in the musical arena. Oh no. This time television will be their arena medium of choice to do battle. […]