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Twelve-Year Old Fakes Own Kidnapping to Avoid Dentist

By Jordy Altman It seems the only thing scarier than the Boogieman is Dr. Boogieman. Local officers in St. Gervais embarked on a month-long search for an unidentified perpetrated when a 12-year-old French boy told […]


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John Lennon’s Tooth Used In Sculpture

Last year, one of John Lennon’s molars was auctioned off for about $31,000 – and it seems the buyer had more than a display case in mind to house the tooth.


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Jack’s Favorite After Dentist Drugged Up YouTube Videos

Dentist videos… they never get old. Who can resist cotton-mouthed, slurry people make total morons out of themselves? We can’t! And we got to spend an entire day watching wisdom teeth videos on YouTube. Best. […]