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Rich Manhattan Moms Solve The “Long Lines At Disney World Problem” By Hiring Handicapped Tour Guides

It’s a problem we’ve all faced. After weeks of planning, you and a group of friends finally make the trek to a theme park to enjoy some thrill rides, only to be thwarted by the […]

93.1 Jack FM–05/14/2013

Photo by Todd Anderson/Disney via Getty Images

Walt Disney Company To Buy Lucasfilm From Star Wars Creator George Lucas For $4.05 Billion

Well, it looks like the Walt Disney Company is planning on taking over the world Google/Apple style and that explains why Walt Disney’s ghost has been seen wandering through Disneyland these days. It was just […]


Lady and the Tramp

Lady And The Tramp IN REAL LIFE?!

Man, 3D remakes is so 2011. Now Disney is going to remake every single one of their classic cartoons into a wonderful live action film experience. Hey, it worked for 101 Dalmatians, right?


Disney’s Patent For SEAL TEAM Six Includes Games, TV Shows, And… Snow Globes?

Seal Team Six – The Saturday Morning Cartoon. Come on Disney. We know you’re a conglomeration that thrives on the hopes and dreams of children and adults alike, but don’t you think you may have […]


TRON: The Animated Series?

Christmas 2010 came and went, but one man seems to have more staying power than Santa Claus: Jeff Bridges. Fresh out of the smash box office weekend, Bridges had two blockbusters topping the charts over a most […]


Disney Captures Imaginations With The Interactive Cake

It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Disney has done it again. As if it wasn’t enough to debunk the cowboy/spaceman feud with computer generated toy stories, Disney is out to revolutionize the […]


[Video] 10 Things You Need To Know Before Seeing TRON: Legacy

      1982 was a fantastic year for the avid movie fan. Just think – 28 years ago today, you could run out to the nearest VilliageVideo and rent a VHS copy of E.T.: […]


Rob Zombie Reincarnates Horror This Halloween

August is finally here and you know what that means— Halloween is right around the corner! We thought we were getting ahead of ourselves making patterns for our costumes (No Lady Gaga, we promise), but it seems […]



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