Thanks for an awesome JACK'S 9TH SHOW! Check out these Photos from the show. 


[WINNER] Caption This Contest: Dodgers Edition

We have chosen our winners for this week’s Caption This contest! These are the three captions that earned JACK listeners a free t-shirt and a pair of Dodger’s tickets!


Light It Up With Powder Blue Throwback Uniforms

Dodgers took the Braves 3-1 in the series… think any of it had to do with their uniforms?


Light It Up Blue With Jack FM And The Dodgers

Go Dodger blue with the Jack FM autism awareness puzzle piece sticker. On May 1st, Jack FM is setting up a tailgate party at Fairplex in Pomona. The first 500 cars to pull in and […]


JACK TV Exclusive: Dodgers Stick Up

If you missed the Dodgers Stick Up at Dodgers Stadium last Friday morning because of work, here’s a nice little consolation prize for the JACK working class man/woman.  Sticker Pimp Abe and I present to […]


Baseball Season Is Upon Us And That Means …

  Ahhhh baseball season. The fresh cut grass. The lights. The game. And most importantly, the stadium food. Nachos. Garlic fries, and most importantly, DODGER DOGS. Keep reading.




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