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Dog Runs From Burning Home Into Firefighter’s ArmsA canine fire refugee ran straight to a firefighter Thursday, creating an image that will be remembered long after the Blue Cut Fire is out.
Dad's Family Dog Contract Goes ViralGetting a family pet seems like a great idea, unless you're the one that gets stuck taking care of it all the time!
Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Animal Cruelty After His Dog Tested Positive For MethA 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty after his Chihuahua tested positive for methamphetamine, police said Monday.
Mutt With Trump Comb Over Favored In Ugliest Dog ContestA pup from Idaho who has drawn a great deal of attention for his orange fur comb-over hairstyle which some believe looks like that of presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Cute Dog Having A Crazy Sneezing Attack Goes ViralEveryone loves a good cute dog video and boy did this pup deliver!
Hunter Is Accidentally Shot By A Dog Named "Trigger"Being accidentally shot in the foot with a shotgun is no laughing matter. But being accidentally shot in the foot with a shotgun by your dog named "Trigger?" That's a headline that writes itself.
This Dog Afraid Of Feather Is How We Feel About Monday: #Watch
Your Beagle Will be Legal! LA’s First Dog Beach Coming Soon
Is Your Dog A Genius? Take The Dog IQ Test To Find Out!
Watch This Dog Dressed As A Bear On A Treadmill Because Why Not [Video]
#MuttMonday: Dog In A Snow Maze Breaks All The Rules [Video]
Dog Candidate To Officially Start Run At Oakland Mayor’s Office Thursday

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