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Dog Candidate To Officially Start Run At Oakland Mayor’s Office Thursday

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Could man’s best friend also be Oakland’s best mayoral candidate? Backers of a plan toelect a dog to the Oakland Mayor’s Office says he would be a “voice for the city’s […]


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Doggie Food Truck Coming to LA This Weekend

Listen up dog owners, something awesome is coming to LA and will sit, stay, and roll over through the weekend. Milo’s Kitchen, a treat truck, is coming to bring your pretty pups delicious treats, all […]


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Dog Surpised With 100 Balls For His Birthday

By Adam Bookbinder There’s something about being surprised for your birthday.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re a human or a dog! Meet Maymo.  His birthday started off with a couple new balls to play […]



This Dog Is A Bigger Soccer Fan Than You Are

By Nadia Noir Almost everyone we know has World Cup fever right now. Friends are taking time off work (or extra long lunch breaks) in order to watch every game. If that’s impossible, they sneak […]


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Wish Your Dog Could Talk? It Could Be A Reality Sooner Than You Think

Seriously, how cool would this be? Imagine that your dog could actually talk to you. And we don’t mean in an interpretive, Dog Whisperer kind of way; we mean with actual words forming sentences, literally […]

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Who Will Win World’s Ugliest Dog 2013?

Most people think their dog is the cutest thing since a unicorn pooped a rainbow, but some people just know that their dog’s face is one only a twisted dogparent could love. For the last […]



Furry Friday: Cat In Shark Costume Riding Roomba Chases Duckling

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta be a freak on Friday. Let your freak flag fly and then go to happy hour weeeeee! Also, dress like a shark and ride a roomba with a complacent look on […]


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Now That Dogs Can Drive Cars Humanity Is Useless

Just when you thought it was impossible for the world to get any more weird or wonderful, an Australian celebrity animal trainer has undertaken the task of teaching dogs how to drive. No word yet […]


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Heroic Family Swept To Sea While Trying To Save Dog

In a story that is simultaneously heartwarming and brings a few salty tears to thee eye, a doggie was saved by most of his family, who then drowned in the midst of the heroic gesture. […]



Beware Of Dog, Not

Sit Fido Sit While I Rob Your Owners House Of All Its Valuables. Good dog. According to an investigation, you might think that your doggie is a good deterrent against thieves but that Beware of […]




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