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Watch A Dog’s Reaction To The Awesome Song His Owner Wrote For Him

By Adam Bookbinder We all love dog videos, and this one is definitely no exception. Shane wrote a song for his very cute Pit Bull named Doogie.  As soon as Shane starts playing the song, […]


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Wish Your Dog Could Talk? It Could Be A Reality Sooner Than You Think

Seriously, how cool would this be? Imagine that your dog could actually talk to you. And we don’t mean in an interpretive, Dog Whisperer kind of way; we mean with actual words forming sentences, literally […]

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Dogs: Man’s Best Friend, Super Sniffers, And Magnetic Compass When Pooping

Dog’s are amazing animals, one of natures most versatile and loving creatures. Their keen noses have been used to find everything from prey to drugs to bombs to people trapped under rubble. Their loving demeanor has made […]

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Los Angeles International Airport–Now With Dogs For Your Personal Enjoyment

When you go on trips do you ever find yourself totally stressed out and missing your furry friend? Well, there’s an app for that if you’re flying from Los Angeles International Airport! Umm, and by […]


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Think Your Dog Looks Sad? Study Says You’re Probably Right.

Dog shaming might not just be a torturous but hilarious human trend. In fact, that looks of shame that you think you see on your dog’s face. You’re probably reading it completely right says a […]


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Comfort Dogs Sent To Newtown To Help The Grieving

The events of last Friday—we’re speaking, of course, about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary—are beyond horrific. No amount of counseling, time, or distance will ever be able to fill the holes left by the […]



The 10 Best Dog Costumes on Pinterest

It’s Halloween and your dog needs a costume. Maybe it should be Katy Perry or Harry Potter or a Smurf?


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Devo Gets Political With Song About Mitt Romney’s Dog

Mitt Romney has been hard-pressed to live down a now-infamous road trip to Canada in 1983, in which he strapped his dog Seamus to the roof of his station wagon in a kennel for what he thought was a suitable transportation method for 12 hours. But eccentric new-wavers Devo, like the political left, are not letting the Republican presidential candidate forget about the debacle any time soon.


Lady and the Tramp

Lady And The Tramp IN REAL LIFE?!

Man, 3D remakes is so 2011. Now Disney is going to remake every single one of their classic cartoons into a wonderful live action film experience. Hey, it worked for 101 Dalmatians, right?


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Wiggle Waggle Walk Is This Weekend! Bring Yer Dogs

Sit. Stay. Good Jack FM… The 2011 Wiggle Waggle Walk is this Sunday in Pasadena, CA! Grab your leash and call the pooch – it’s time for a day in the park. While you and […]