Mrs Doubtfire

Things You Should Not Spend $1,000 On – 500 Copies of “Mrs. Doubtfire” on VHS

So you think you know what to buy with your $1000 of JACK CASH? Nope. You have no idea what treasures you are capable of obtaining with that kind of cash money. We heard you […]


JON LEVY / AFP / Getty Images

Things You Should Not Spend $1,000 On – Doll Hair

With all the Jack Cash that’s been flying around lately, we though you might need some tips on how to spend your $1,000! We’ve got cash money on the brain and realized that there are […]


Go, Diego, Go! I’m Late For Work!

Like you’ve never thought of doing the same thing… Last week in Seattle, a couple of super troopers were hanging out along the I-405 on ramp. They were probably radioing Favra, or playing “Meow” with […]