Paris Hilton Arrested For Cocaine Possesion- Celebrity Mug Shot Gallery

You would think after her much publicized trip to the slammer a few years back, [lastfm]Paris Hilton[/lastfm] would have gotten the hint and stayed out of trouble. However, this is not the case. As we […]


Sir Elton John Talks Life, Love and Drugs

The now 63-year-old musician claims that his life didn’t truly begin until he was 43 because he suffered from severe substance abuse issues. And that if he hadn’t been so passionate about music and his […]


Lindsay Lohan Passes Drug Tests, Eye Brows Raise

The [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm] saga continues, as the 23-year-old actress porn star impersonator raises eyebrows yet again this week for passing not one, but two, random drug tests. The end of the world must seriously be […]