KISS Kid Five 5 Year Old

Kickass KISS Kid Plays Rockin’ Drum Tribute

Sorry Calvin in Culver City, but those drum lessons you got for Christmas haven’t made you a better percussionist. We know the truth hurts, but this five-year old kid play the drums better than you. And […]


Charles Drums

Jack FM’s Security Guard Charles Keeps A-Knockin’ In New Smirnoff Commercial

Jack FM likes to keep it funky, and Charles Connor is always on duty. Before he was keepin’ our door in check and us all in line, Charles spent his days drumming with rock legends like Little Richard, […]


Billy Joel’s Drummer Shakes Down BJ for Royalty Cash

Did you know that the drummer for [lastfm]Billy Joel[/lastfm] was suing the Piano Man for 30 years worth of unpaid royalties? It’s a shame it had to come to this, but you’d think by year […]