Drunk Driving

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DUI Checkpoints This Weekend In Los Angeles

By Nadia Noir Just ask anyone who’s hopped aboard JACK FM’s Party Train. It can’t stop and won’t stop and that’s probably why the cops are setting up shop all over Los Angeles, banking on […]


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DUI Checkpoints In Los Angeles For Labor Day Weekend

By Nadia Noir With great drunkenness comes great responsibility and the greatest responsibility of all is to not drink and drive. That being said, if one of your friends got roped into being the completely sober […]


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Don’t Drink & Drive This 4th Of July

Had one too many American flag colored Jello shots? Don’t even think about getting in your car! Not only is drinking and driving dangerous for you and everyone else on the road, it’s expensive; your […]


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St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints & Traffic Stops In Los Angeles

St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints & Traffic Stops In Los Angeles


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In Not Surprising News, Attempt To Bypass Stricter Drunk Driving Laws In Ireland By Issuing Drunk Driving Permits Ends Failure

“So these news laws you passed, they’re working a little too well. How about easing up a bit so we can get back to some good old fashioned debauchery?” That’s essentially what happened on Monday […]

93.1 Jack FM–01/24/2013

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DUI Lawyer Arrested For Second DUI In A Year

Only a true savage is slapped with two DUI’s in one year. According to Huffington Post, 32-year-old Rhode Island lawyer Layne Savage was arrested and charged with DUI. Not only has this East Providence woman […]


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Jacked Up News: Drunk Man Urinates On 300 Breathalyzer Tubes

Forklift operators aren’t all bad…until they piss all over breathalyzer tubes that our tax dollars pay to create. One Australian man got his two spouts confused, or did he? According to Huffingtonpost, Ryan Scott Thompson, […]


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Drunk Driving Grandparents Tow Girl In Toy Car

Grandparents. They’re great for candy, presents…getting hammered and pulling you in your toy car behind their SUV. Ooooh yeah. Two grandparents were arrested after cops spotted them towing their 7-year old granddaughter in her plastic […]


Warrant Singer Arrested for Drunk Driving on Mother’s Day

[lastfm]Jani Lane[/lastfm], former singer for the 1980’s hair rock band [lastfm]Warrant[/lastfm], was arrested Sunday night in Woodland Hills after crashing into a parked car.  Lane was administered a field sobriety test by arriving officers and […]