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Nope Or Dope: In Honor Of Skrillex’s 25th Birthday, A Cockatiel Sings Dubstep

If your boss, shrieking toddlers, or life in general hasn’t tortured you enough today, JACK FM is here to remedy that. For just a couple soul-sucking minutes of your life, we’d like you to watch […]


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Old People Listen to Dubstep, Have Mixed Reactions

There’s a new genre of YouTube videos out there. We are dubbing it “octogenarians being introduced to dubstep and hating it”. The “dubbing” pun as clearly intended. We watched clip after clip of teenagers introducing […]


Harry Potter Dubstep Pole Dance? (Slightly NSFW)

The very last installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise hits the theatres tonight at midnite. Stumbling around the internets looking for something Harry Potter-esque to post up here at JACK FM, I found this video […]


The Specials

[What’s That Song?] The Specials – “Ghost Town”

Hi Tami, Would you happen to know the name of the song playing on thursday night between 10:30 and 11pm it kinda has some weird sounds like a cat or something, idk, but ive been […]