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St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints & Traffic Stops In Los Angeles

St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints & Traffic Stops In Los Angeles


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St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints In Los Angeles Are Secret This Time Around

Hopefully this weekend you’re more green with, ermmm, happiness from the lovin’ of a lusty leprechaun lass than green around the gills from too much Guinness, but if you are imbibing in excess, don’t count […]


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Super Bowl Weekend DUI Checkpoints In Los Angeles

Who is ready for some brews and bros throwing the ball around i.e. Super Bowl XLVII? Not shockingly, people drink A LOT during the Super Bowl and some people are stupid and drink and drive. […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: DUI Checkpoint Campaign Launches

Check, point. Two words that are otherwise known as “AVOID”. Similar to the effect of a red flag, or a Hell’s Angel. According to montrose.patch.com , the Los Angeles County Avoid the 100 DUI Task […]


Too Much Drinko De Cinco? We’ve Got You Covered.

So it’s the end of the night and you needed a little extra liquid courage to jump on that grenade for your friend… Or that really low-cut top got you five too many free drinks […]


St. Patties Day DUI Checkpoints

Awesome. It’s St. Patties Day, our 2nd favorite drinking holiday behind Arbor Day. And there are only two things that can ruin a good St. Patrick’s Day. Roofies and/or a DIU. Drinking and driving is stupid and […]