Dwayne Johnson

(Keith Tsuji/Getty Images)

The First Episode of ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Was Pretty Great, Thanks to Jimmy Fallon & The Rock

Jimmy Fallon’s popular lip sync sketch has come to Spike TV.



WrestleMania: Pitting Wrestling Stars Against Jack FM Musicians

“Oooh oh, Oooh oh, WrestleMania!” No, this not some sort of lame April Fool’s joke. This sh*t’s fo real. Wrestlemania XXVIII is this Sunday. And as you debate with your friends whether The Rock is gonna […]


New Dwayne Johnson Teaser Trailer for ‘Faster’

Fast cars, big guns, pretty women, and more cars and guns: those not-so-secret ingredients are exactly what upcoming action flick Faster is all about. With, not to worry, a moral center. Dwayne Johnson you see […]