Could Full Moons Trigger Large Earthquakes?Researchers might be one step closer in understanding what cause large earthquakes, and it involves a full moon.
M5.2 Quake Hits Palm Springs; Multiple Aftershocks ReportedAn early morning earthquake was felt all across SoCal.
Scientists Warn San Andreas Fault Long Overdue For Major EarthquakeScientists say the San Andres Fault is long overdue for a major earthquake.
Colossal 8.0 Earthquake Expected To Hit Los Angeles in Next 30 Years
3.4-Magnitude Quake Epicentered Off Malibu Beach
Listen To The LA Philharmonic Play Its Way Through The 5.1 Earthquake
Jimmy Kimmel Fools People On Hollywood Blvd. About "The Big One" Scheduled
Los Angeles News Anchors React To Earthquake Live On The Air
Japan Tsunami Debris To Hit A California Coast Near You!
Top 5 "Real" (Fake) Reasons For Today's Earthquake
Breaking News: Virginia's Devastating 5.9 Earthquake Felt In New York, Washington DC

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