The Best Diets For Your Flabby, Unattractive Body

Still bummed your didn’t make it in Jack’s Muscle Madness? Don’t sweat it. The only reason you weren’t voted in is due to the fact that you still have body fat – albeit 1% body […]


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Dunkin Donuts Arrives For Your Southern California Morning Commute

Dunkin Donuts is expected to arrive to Southern California this Spring! Looks like Starbucks and Coffee Bean will have a new competitor in town….


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December 1st – National Eat A Red Apple Day

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. What, are they throwing apples at doctors now?


Surfer Whale

EXCLUSIVE: California Surfer Nearly Swallowed Whole By Whale, Pinocchio Says So What [VIDEO]

Takes guts to surf in Santa Cruz. Watch as a girl paddles along on her surfboard, completely unaware of the GIANT SEA CREATURE LURKING 10 FEET BELOW HER, WAITING, WAITING TO FEED ON THE


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[JACK-tivity Of The Week] OC Beer Week Kicks Off With Beers Aplenty

Good food and better beer. What more do you want? The Orange Country Restaurant Association kicks off their Beer Week with an announcement featuring over 80 different eateries and cafes. The weeklong event pairs the […]