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Man Removed From Monkey Exhibit at Santa Ana Zoo, Believes He Is Tarzan

Tarzan has left the jungle and headed straight for the Santa Ana Zoo. Swinging from trees and covered in mud, monkey man John William Rodenborn decided to spend an afternoon with his primate friends-perched atop a waterfall in the black howler monkey exhibit.


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Rock Alert: Follow The Daily Route of Hollywood’s 340-Ton Rock Star

What weighs about the same as 17 city buses and will be rolling through the streets of LA? A giant freakin’ boulder. Heading from a quarry in Riverside County, This 11-day monumental undertaking is scheduled to travel from […]


Jimi Hendrix Exhibit Opens at His Former London Flat

The 23 Brook Street Exhibit opened its doors today to give fans a look into [lastfm]Jimi Hendrix’s[/lastfm] life in London– and the interesting musical connection that the guitarist shared with a famous composer who inhabited the building […]