Best Motorcycle FAILS

“What not to do with your 2011 Harley Davidson Fatboy.” When it comes to crashes, falls and spin-outs, JACK FM knows only the best motorcycle fails make it onto the internet. Here are some our […]


[Video] Man Dunks Himself Thru Hoop

In the words of Dr. Cranfill – FAIL


Police Mistake Old Movie Set For Murder Scene

The smoke roses like a chimney as the firemen stared up into the flame. “Jesus, this looks bad,” said the Fire Chief. “Better call back-up.” The next day, the police arrived to run a subsequent […]


[Video] Motivational Speaker Fails To Break A Board Over His Head

That title pretty much sums up this entire video… Meet Josh, a self-proclaimed motivational speaker from Huntington Beach. He has some great things to tell us about trails, tribulations, and never giving up. Most importantly, […]


Merry-Go-Round Fail

Seriously, where would we be without awesome fail videos?  Working probably, but until the moment that working becomes more important than watching some idiot take flight off of a merry-go-round, we’ll be trolling the internet […]



With KFC’s new Double Down sweeping the nation, we started reminiscing about some of the wonderful ideas fast food restaurants have come up with.  Some we remember and some we’ve forgotten, but one thing is certain, we sure […]


FAIL: Know Your Height

You know those signs that say “Max Height” . . .  they apply to your camper truck too. Must WATCH this guy bring the roof down.