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Jim Morrison Of The Doors: “What’s Wrong With Being Fat?”

Controversial lead singer Jim Morrison of The Doors might be best known for his moody voice and bare-chested “heroin chic” rock star vibes but judging from a 60s/70s era interview with Village Voice writer Howard […]


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Green Day Red In The Face As Full Moon Hits Blue Sky

Rock stars have been booted from the stage for centuries. Long acts, crude lyrics, loud guitars, late nights… all good reasons watch our favorite musician get torn away from the stage in a fit of […]


Oprah Builds Set Entirely Of Chocolate; People Wonder Why America Is So Fat

Today‚Äôs Oprah featured an edible set made entirely of Godiva Chocolate and we don’t even have to write jokes anymore. We’re not even sure what’s more disturbing, the decadent wastefulness of this display in the […]